Hey, I am suffering with agorafobia with panic disorderes and dystimia( a depression that’s gradually getting worse) this February of this year, I was diagnosed by my psychiatrist from Akerhussykehus in October 2018, everything is written in their epikrise. She recommended medictation but I opposed, but when I was released my psychiatrist told me that I can ask any doctor for medication, and I was famliar with a treatment that had helped me before in America. As of now I’m on Vortioxine 10mg which helps with my depression. But these last couple of months I’ve been struggling, ecpecially with my panicking. It can come wheneverer and at all bad timing. I’ve had 3 sick leave last last week and this weekend and this week because of the anxiety affecting my body. I then just stay home in bed until it goes, sometimes it takes up to 6hours.. My psychiatrist explained to me that my anxiety start mild, but after 2-4 days, and then after those days an outburst of a feeling where I dont feel in control of my life. You cant basically function in you everyday life, you get this unbelieveable feeling of fear that is hard to explain. If incidents like these should occur, my psychiatrist recommend me start on Xanax 2mg x3 the first three days before my panick attacks, stop when it has subsided, and continue on with this treatment when I feel like a paniccking order. I’m almost all out of meds and a refill, and I know. Is it possible to get a refill of my meds?

Mann, 26 år fra Oslo

RUStelefonen svarer:

The best thing for you to do if you are running out of medicine is to contact a doctor and ask for a new prescription. If you do not have a GP who knows you, it may be necessary for you to show your epikrise from Akershus sykehus with the recommendation from the psychiatrist to the doctor.

If the doctor is reluctant to make you a new prescription, you should contact Akerhus sykehus for advice, perhaps they can make the prescription or set you up with someone who can.