Hi! My daughter has just arrived from home country to join me in norway but I caugh her smoking marihuana, that she bought herself in Oslo. She is not herself, but doesnt admit it. She lost weight, has black circles around her eyes, and always tired. I suspect cocaine but i did not find any in her things. She lived with her father in other country and he trusts her endlessly and never looks after her. I am really worried and i need advise how and where can I bring her for examination with blood tests for all kind of drugs that she could missuse?

Kvinne, 47 år fra Oslo

RUStelefonen svarer:

You have not told us your daughter’s age. If she is over 16 she has to agree to being examined or tested. If you and your daughter will be, or already are, living in Oslo, it might be a good idea to contact the program for cannabis-users (since this is the drug you know she actually has used). They can offer help to both you and your daughter. You can contact them for your own sake first as they offer help and guidance to parents. You don’t need a referral and it is free. The number is 913 03 913. Read more here (Norwegian).

You may also want to talk with Veiledningssenteret for pårørende (guidance for next of kin/relatives) about your concern for her.